[insert awkward first post title here]

Hello there!

I’m Lindsay. 25, NYC, always on the go. After years of working to keep up a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to feel like day-to-day life can just get in the way.

So, I’m here to work on proving (to myself, really) that living healthy is possible in this busy world, without having to sacrifice all the things you love. Between long days of work, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, and beginning training for marathon #2, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and easy to through that healthy lifestyle out the window for something seemingly more simple.

Day one of beginning this mission of balance was… easy. Sundays in general are easy – it’s the day of rest after all, no?

The day started off on a lazy note of waking up to the sunlight shining through the shades. Glorious spring has finally arrived! Eventually pulled myself out of bed to venture out for some coffee, the New York Times, and some berries – paired with the watermelon I had from yesterday. Perfect lazy breakfast.

Fresh fruit and coffee to start the day? Perfect.

Fresh fruit and coffee to start the day? Perfect.


Breakfast was eventually followed by brunch with the BF – not pictured is a ridiculously perfect looking (and tasting) omelette filled with lump crab meat, tomatoes, onions, and avocado. Um. Yum. Accompanied by more fruit, coffee, and a mimosa. What more could one want? Nothing. Ok, well, maybe a cookie (always).

Deciding today was a rest day, brunch was followed by a long walk through Central Park. Spring has finally arrived in New York, and you can tell by the amount of people in the park. Still, it’s a pretty big park, and there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in the middle of the woods, when there’s actually busy city streets less than a mile away.

[Insert more laziness and lounging around here]

I will be back with more! You can’t get rid of me that quickly, sorry 🙂


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