Three Day Weekends Are For…

Eating. Obviously. (Right?).

Happy Memorial Day! A day many of us (myself included) can easily forget the true meaning of, in place of bbqs and desserts and drinks. A huge thank you to all of those who have served our country, and for the freedom you have provided us.

I do have to admit – I quite enjoy the whole three-day-weekend thing. Who thought to make weekends only two days? (I hate them). It’s the perfect weekend length – two days is just too short. With three days, I get into my relaxation mode, and come day number four, I feel rested enough to get back to the daily crazy grind.

I decided to head out of the city to pay a visit to my parents – and more importantly, their dog. I’m obsessed. I also must admit, a weekend at my parents house is full of food, and who can say no to that? My city escape did hold off until Saturday afternoon – I was determined to fit in a Saturday run in the city before I left, 7 miles later I was on a train outta here.

A proper Memorial Day weekend includes a lobster dinner – it’s the kickoff to summer, no?

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

Delicious. Lobster dinner one night, followed by beef kebabs with tomatoes & mozzarella the next. Yea, I’m pretty ok with visiting my parents. Often.

Aside from delicious meals, my weekend really just looked like a lot of this:

Bon Appetit + sun = the life

Bon Appetit + sun = the life

Magazines, books, and sitting out on the deck. I did manage to get a totally weird sunburn on ONLY my knee caps though – I cannot figure out how that happened.

As mentioned before, my parents’ dog is a huge reason I visit (aside from my parents – they’re the best!).

Go Rangers!

Go Rangers!

Elly, the 2 year old lab. I’m obsessed, and would steal her if my mother wasn’t just as obsessed as I am. She did help me cheer on the Rangers Sunday night, though.


A lazy weekend at home, with one run managed this morning – a quick 3.5 miles. This week, I need to get back into the grind. My marathon training starts soon, and I need to be prepared for it!


More coming soon, friends!


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