Let’s Get Serious

Today marks day #1 of of my NYC marathon training. I’ve fallen off the legitimate workout bandwagon since… let’s say November – and I’m feeling it. Ouch.

The NYC marathon is simply something I’ve thought about as unattainable since…forever. I guess it wasn’t on my radar for a while, but ever since I started running (when I moved to NYC) it’s been there. So I don’t want to take this lightly. I want to give the marathon the respect it deserves.

This respect starts today. Day 1 – 6am run around the Central Park reservoir – 4.75 miles, 8:36 pace. I thought I was faster, not gonna lie. I hope that average pace was seriously slowed by the fact that I also ran to/from the park from the apartment, and his a couple of street lights along the way.

The respect also started last week – a one month Paleo challenge with a friend – 4 cheat days allowed (because neither of us would ever survive a whole month). My diet had become processed food/sugar/sweet heavy. I’m hoping to kick that processed sweet tooth I have gained in the past couple of months. So far? I really want a freaking cookie. The start of week two begins today…

Along with this marathon seriousness comes blog seriousness. It’s time to hold myself accountable. Food, running, life thoughts – you name it, I’m accountable for it here. This is something I’ve cared about for a long time, and I won’t let myself get side tracked from 100% messing it up. There’s leeway for life, of course, but it’s onto the process of fitting the marathon seriousness into my life. 

So, welcome to serious Lindsay. Let’s see how she gets along… Welcome to the ride!


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