Happy Humpday!

Every Wednesday, my mind goes straight to the Hump Day Camel. Does yours?



So far, this week is just. too. long. A rough few days of work is really dragging it out, and forcing me to enjoy a glass of wine post run this hump day night :). Sometimes ya just have to unwind, right?

Yesterday marked day #2 of marathon training, and I went to my usual pre-work spin class at the gym. A hectic morning led to me working from home for the afternoon – SCORE – my ridiculously messy apartment really appreciated the extra time to clean (in between working…of course). Followed by an evening date night with sushi take out? Perfect day.

Today was a whole other story – the crazy hectic work is still going strong, and I was more than happy to get out for a run tonight. Add in some crazy heat and humidity, and my 6 mile planned run turned into 4 and some. Some days, you just have to roll with it, and the 6 just wasn’t going to happen today. I did get to start breaking in my sweet new kicks, though.



Hello, my pretty new Mizuno Wave Riders :). Pair number 4 of these bad boys throughout the years, and I’m still a believer.

Now, it’s time to wind down hump day and look forward to date night Thursday, and fantastic Friday (with a bit more of that hectic work thing in between…) 

Until next time!


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