The Dreaded Rest Days

Rest days. They’re both a welcome dose of relaxation, and a crazy urge of anxiety for not getting up and out and active. 

I have to admit I love a planned rest day every week, a day you can just sit back and relax and don’t feel like you need to be setting that alarm and (literally) run out the door. On the other hand – unplanned rest days, or extra ones, just make me anxious. A little obsessive, yes, but I’ve had a lot more unplanned rest days than I care to admit lately. Life can’t be controlled, though (def something I have to work on dealing with, not going to lie). Sometimes you just need to learn to go with the flow.

I took an unplanned rest day Thursday, and a planned one yesterday – and no time to fit one in. I had a hair appointment last night, and I can’t wash my hair for 48 hours (I dye it red – crazy fading occurs without letting it set), so I’m stuck with strength only for the weekend (so I don’t sweat enough that it’s acceptable to not wash my hair…). Marathon training definitely makes me anxious to miss a workout. It’s remembering, though, that a couple missed runs will not make or break it.

Either way, it’s happened and you need to learn to accept what comes. So, I’m doing just that, by enjoying a relaxing breakfast this sunny Saturday morning. After a hectic week with both work and life, a quiet Saturday morning is just what the doctor ordered.



Eggs, sauteed kale and butternut squash, some cantaloupe and watermelon. Plus a massive iced coffee – what could be better?! I’ve started adding in some almond extract and almond milk to feel like I’m having a luxurious coffee drink. So fancy, I know. 

Waiting for my parents to arrive with a full on load from Costco to fill my fridge and freezer. Nothing says happiness like food :).


Tell me, fun weekend plans? Rest days – restful or stressful?


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