I’m so bad at this…

Inconsistent at blog posting? Why yes, I am. One day, I’ll get to regularity. To say things have felt hectic around here is an understatement. A busy summer with weekends away (and not the fun, vacation filled kind), craziness at work, along with some side life issues (but really – when do those not exist?), have left me feeling a little scatter brained.

Add in a dose of possible food issues and I’m feeling more than a little crazed. I’ve always had blood sugar issues since I was a kid – my pediatrician had my mother make me homemade peanut butter cookies for any time I was getting a little hangry – the mixture of the sugar and protein from the PB would help me avoid the cranky hangry pangs.

The craziness of life lately has not let me eat on my normal schedule/routine – is it weird that I have a really strict eating routine? I’ve found the perfect balance that helps me avoid the hangry,

light headed, anxiety inducing feelings of my blood sugar dropping. I’ve had blood tests galore and the doctors have yet to find anything inherently wrong, other than telling me I have a fast metabolism. I’m looking into other specialists, thinking it may be something intestinal that’s hindering the way my body absorbs the food I’m eating.

Enough about that though – let’s talk about the fun stuff! Like, it’s summer and the humidity has got me sweating like a beast on my runs. The poor people who had the pleasure of sharing a subway car with me on the way home from my run yesterday – sweaty, unwashed for a week+ (I know, I’m gross – the woes of having to pay per washing machine use), sitting on a crowded subway. I’m sorry, people of New York.

Went Phishin' on Randall's Island last night

Went Phishin’ on Randall’s Island last night

In other fun news, the BF and I made a last minute decision to go to the Phish concert on Randall’s Island last night. The BF is a massive Phish phan (haha, get it?), and since the concert was literally within walking distance from his apartment, we had to go. It’s only the second time I’ve been to a show, and considering the first time I had my brand new iPhone stolen, I was a little hesitant. But it was a blast! The whole outdoors thing made a huge impact for that, having fresh air, a breeze, the ability to get out of the crowd if you wanted. A ridiculously fun Saturday night.

For now, it’s back to reality, and back to the grind tomorrow morning.

To get me through the week, I want to hear other people’s fun weekend stories!


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