I’m so bad at this…

Inconsistent at blog posting? Why yes, I am. One day, I’ll get to regularity. To say things have felt hectic around here is an understatement. A busy summer with weekends away (and not the fun, vacation filled kind), craziness at work, along with some side life issues (but really – when do those not exist?), have left me feeling a little scatter brained.

Add in a dose of possible food issues and I’m feeling more than a little crazed. I’ve always had blood sugar issues since I was a kid – my pediatrician had my mother make me homemade peanut butter cookies for any time I was getting a little hangry – the mixture of the sugar and protein from the PB would help me avoid the cranky hangry pangs.

The craziness of life lately has not let me eat on my normal schedule/routine – is it weird that I have a really strict eating routine? I’ve found the perfect balance that helps me avoid the hangry,

light headed, anxiety inducing feelings of my blood sugar dropping. I’ve had blood tests galore and the doctors have yet to find anything inherently wrong, other than telling me I have a fast metabolism. I’m looking into other specialists, thinking it may be something intestinal that’s hindering the way my body absorbs the food I’m eating.

Enough about that though – let’s talk about the fun stuff! Like, it’s summer and the humidity has got me sweating like a beast on my runs. The poor people who had the pleasure of sharing a subway car with me on the way home from my run yesterday – sweaty, unwashed for a week+ (I know, I’m gross – the woes of having to pay per washing machine use), sitting on a crowded subway. I’m sorry, people of New York.

Went Phishin' on Randall's Island last night

Went Phishin’ on Randall’s Island last night

In other fun news, the BF and I made a last minute decision to go to the Phish concert on Randall’s Island last night. The BF is a massive Phish phan (haha, get it?), and since the concert was literally within walking distance from his apartment, we had to go. It’s only the second time I’ve been to a show, and considering the first time I had my brand new iPhone stolen, I was a little hesitant. But it was a blast! The whole outdoors thing made a huge impact for that, having fresh air, a breeze, the ability to get out of the crowd if you wanted. A ridiculously fun Saturday night.

For now, it’s back to reality, and back to the grind tomorrow morning.

To get me through the week, I want to hear other people’s fun weekend stories!


The Dreaded Rest Days

Rest days. They’re both a welcome dose of relaxation, and a crazy urge of anxiety for not getting up and out and active. 

I have to admit I love a planned rest day every week, a day you can just sit back and relax and don’t feel like you need to be setting that alarm and (literally) run out the door. On the other hand – unplanned rest days, or extra ones, just make me anxious. A little obsessive, yes, but I’ve had a lot more unplanned rest days than I care to admit lately. Life can’t be controlled, though (def something I have to work on dealing with, not going to lie). Sometimes you just need to learn to go with the flow.

I took an unplanned rest day Thursday, and a planned one yesterday – and no time to fit one in. I had a hair appointment last night, and I can’t wash my hair for 48 hours (I dye it red – crazy fading occurs without letting it set), so I’m stuck with strength only for the weekend (so I don’t sweat enough that it’s acceptable to not wash my hair…). Marathon training definitely makes me anxious to miss a workout. It’s remembering, though, that a couple missed runs will not make or break it.

Either way, it’s happened and you need to learn to accept what comes. So, I’m doing just that, by enjoying a relaxing breakfast this sunny Saturday morning. After a hectic week with both work and life, a quiet Saturday morning is just what the doctor ordered.



Eggs, sauteed kale and butternut squash, some cantaloupe and watermelon. Plus a massive iced coffee – what could be better?! I’ve started adding in some almond extract and almond milk to feel like I’m having a luxurious coffee drink. So fancy, I know. 

Waiting for my parents to arrive with a full on load from Costco to fill my fridge and freezer. Nothing says happiness like food :).


Tell me, fun weekend plans? Rest days – restful or stressful?

Happy Humpday!

Every Wednesday, my mind goes straight to the Hump Day Camel. Does yours?



So far, this week is just. too. long. A rough few days of work is really dragging it out, and forcing me to enjoy a glass of wine post run this hump day night :). Sometimes ya just have to unwind, right?

Yesterday marked day #2 of marathon training, and I went to my usual pre-work spin class at the gym. A hectic morning led to me working from home for the afternoon – SCORE – my ridiculously messy apartment really appreciated the extra time to clean (in between working…of course). Followed by an evening date night with sushi take out? Perfect day.

Today was a whole other story – the crazy hectic work is still going strong, and I was more than happy to get out for a run tonight. Add in some crazy heat and humidity, and my 6 mile planned run turned into 4 and some. Some days, you just have to roll with it, and the 6 just wasn’t going to happen today. I did get to start breaking in my sweet new kicks, though.



Hello, my pretty new Mizuno Wave Riders :). Pair number 4 of these bad boys throughout the years, and I’m still a believer.

Now, it’s time to wind down hump day and look forward to date night Thursday, and fantastic Friday (with a bit more of that hectic work thing in between…) 

Until next time!

Let’s Get Serious

Today marks day #1 of of my NYC marathon training. I’ve fallen off the legitimate workout bandwagon since… let’s say November – and I’m feeling it. Ouch.

The NYC marathon is simply something I’ve thought about as unattainable since…forever. I guess it wasn’t on my radar for a while, but ever since I started running (when I moved to NYC) it’s been there. So I don’t want to take this lightly. I want to give the marathon the respect it deserves.

This respect starts today. Day 1 – 6am run around the Central Park reservoir – 4.75 miles, 8:36 pace. I thought I was faster, not gonna lie. I hope that average pace was seriously slowed by the fact that I also ran to/from the park from the apartment, and his a couple of street lights along the way.

The respect also started last week – a one month Paleo challenge with a friend – 4 cheat days allowed (because neither of us would ever survive a whole month). My diet had become processed food/sugar/sweet heavy. I’m hoping to kick that processed sweet tooth I have gained in the past couple of months. So far? I really want a freaking cookie. The start of week two begins today…

Along with this marathon seriousness comes blog seriousness. It’s time to hold myself accountable. Food, running, life thoughts – you name it, I’m accountable for it here. This is something I’ve cared about for a long time, and I won’t let myself get side tracked from 100% messing it up. There’s leeway for life, of course, but it’s onto the process of fitting the marathon seriousness into my life. 

So, welcome to serious Lindsay. Let’s see how she gets along… Welcome to the ride!

Three Day Weekends Are For…

Eating. Obviously. (Right?).

Happy Memorial Day! A day many of us (myself included) can easily forget the true meaning of, in place of bbqs and desserts and drinks. A huge thank you to all of those who have served our country, and for the freedom you have provided us.

I do have to admit – I quite enjoy the whole three-day-weekend thing. Who thought to make weekends only two days? (I hate them). It’s the perfect weekend length – two days is just too short. With three days, I get into my relaxation mode, and come day number four, I feel rested enough to get back to the daily crazy grind.

I decided to head out of the city to pay a visit to my parents – and more importantly, their dog. I’m obsessed. I also must admit, a weekend at my parents house is full of food, and who can say no to that? My city escape did hold off until Saturday afternoon – I was determined to fit in a Saturday run in the city before I left, 7 miles later I was on a train outta here.

A proper Memorial Day weekend includes a lobster dinner – it’s the kickoff to summer, no?

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

Delicious. Lobster dinner one night, followed by beef kebabs with tomatoes & mozzarella the next. Yea, I’m pretty ok with visiting my parents. Often.

Aside from delicious meals, my weekend really just looked like a lot of this:

Bon Appetit + sun = the life

Bon Appetit + sun = the life

Magazines, books, and sitting out on the deck. I did manage to get a totally weird sunburn on ONLY my knee caps though – I cannot figure out how that happened.

As mentioned before, my parents’ dog is a huge reason I visit (aside from my parents – they’re the best!).

Go Rangers!

Go Rangers!

Elly, the 2 year old lab. I’m obsessed, and would steal her if my mother wasn’t just as obsessed as I am. She did help me cheer on the Rangers Sunday night, though.


A lazy weekend at home, with one run managed this morning – a quick 3.5 miles. This week, I need to get back into the grind. My marathon training starts soon, and I need to be prepared for it!


More coming soon, friends!

[insert awkward first post title here]

Hello there!

I’m Lindsay. 25, NYC, always on the go. After years of working to keep up a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to feel like day-to-day life can just get in the way.

So, I’m here to work on proving (to myself, really) that living healthy is possible in this busy world, without having to sacrifice all the things you love. Between long days of work, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, and beginning training for marathon #2, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and easy to through that healthy lifestyle out the window for something seemingly more simple.

Day one of beginning this mission of balance was… easy. Sundays in general are easy – it’s the day of rest after all, no?

The day started off on a lazy note of waking up to the sunlight shining through the shades. Glorious spring has finally arrived! Eventually pulled myself out of bed to venture out for some coffee, the New York Times, and some berries – paired with the watermelon I had from yesterday. Perfect lazy breakfast.

Fresh fruit and coffee to start the day? Perfect.

Fresh fruit and coffee to start the day? Perfect.


Breakfast was eventually followed by brunch with the BF – not pictured is a ridiculously perfect looking (and tasting) omelette filled with lump crab meat, tomatoes, onions, and avocado. Um. Yum. Accompanied by more fruit, coffee, and a mimosa. What more could one want? Nothing. Ok, well, maybe a cookie (always).

Deciding today was a rest day, brunch was followed by a long walk through Central Park. Spring has finally arrived in New York, and you can tell by the amount of people in the park. Still, it’s a pretty big park, and there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re in the middle of the woods, when there’s actually busy city streets less than a mile away.

[Insert more laziness and lounging around here]

I will be back with more! You can’t get rid of me that quickly, sorry 🙂